Website Maintenance, Security, and Speed Optimization


Software Updates: WordPress core files, themes, and the plugins that power the site, like any other piece of software, need to be kept up to date. When they go out of date, they can cause security breaches that hackers can take advantage of. Keeping these up to date will also make sure that your site maintains its functionality.

Backups: Another very important part of web maintenance. If the site ever gets hacked, goes corrupt or goes down for any other reason, a backup is critical to getting it back up quickly.

Security: This is an extra line of defense against malicious attacks to the site. Along with site locks out and notifications of malicious activity, we can also set up a few extra functions to make it more difficult for hackers. It is very common that once a WordPress site is hacked once it will be under more and more attacks in the future.

Website Speed Optimization: Page load time and speed are critical parts of any website. We make sure the website is caching pages, optimizing images, and much more.


Something to know/remember, while there is no 100% solution to website security, all of these options can greatly reduce the risks, and possible downtime in the case that something does happen. As well, they can increase website visitor satisfaction.